LOS ANGELES, CA — Anthony Rosano wants to show fans his not-so-little friend during Official Scarface Parody from Zero Tolerance. Although the title won’t release until October 25, the company has uploaded a trailer to its YouTube channel to promote director Gary Orona’s retelling of the gangster tale. This time, instead of peddling drugs, the Cuban bad boy peddles sex lube!

When Tony Montana claims asylum in Miami in search of the American Dream, he soon discovers a thirst for power, money and control of 'the juice' — a contraband aphrodisiac sex aid that's taken the country's underground sex addicts by storm. Everyone wants to try the slippery stuff that turns sex into an orgiastic fantasy. Anthony Rosano plays the infamous Tony Montana, while his sister Gina is portrayed by the simmering Melanie Rios and Tabitha Stevens give Tony's mother Miriam a manic and hilarious spin.

"Anthony Rosano plays Tony Montana in a performance which is nothing short of stellar," said director Gary Orona. "His inflection was so perfect that it was contagious — the cast and crew were soon unintentionally mimicking their own awkward Cuban accents."

"The mostly Latino cast and authentic locations in and around Miami make Official Scarface Parody a true standout production," said Marcus West, marketing director at Zero Tolerance. "Fans of the cult classic will not be disappointed!"

Check out the YouTube trailer for the Official Scarface Parody.