VENICE, Calif. – There is little Alia Janine hasn’t done in the weeks leading up to the vote on Measure B in California. She’s against it, in case you haven’t read any of her columns, been handed a flyer by her personally or had her knocking on your door to ask if she can put a sign on your lawn or just have a minute of your time.

Among her latest efforts is a column entitled “Pornographers Say No on B? Yes, we do, and Should YOU!” It’s appearing in several places, including and She continues to make an eloquent case for voting NO on Measure B.

The column explains clearly what B is all about, why the adult industry is against it, why the AIDS HealthCare Foundation wants it to pass, and then summarizes neatly so that individuals can go informed into the ballot box knowing that, obviously, Alia is right and NO is the correct button to push, chad to punch and undangle or whatever it is they use in your district.

If you haven’t made up your mind, ask Alia! She will take your questions if you tweet her at @alia_janine. Serious inquiries only. She is not screwing around with this.

But it’s not all politics for the lovely Alia. MILF and Honey 22 from Rodney Moore comes out this week and features Alia on the cover with Cassandra Nix. Go here for more information or to watch or order. She also has a scene available this week on Bang Bros’ Go to here for more.

On Monday, Oct. 29 watch Love in the Time of Robots to see Alia in action as she and Alex Chance were interviewed while handing out No on B flyers on Melrose. Tune in at 10 pm PST.

To see a video of Janine taking a stance on Measure B visit here.