VENICE, Calif.—Scoring the highest rating from is not an easy task. In the preface to their review of the latest Jennaration X Studios release, Legs Up Hose Down, the site says, “Our review team does not give out our top rating, The XCritic Pick, lightly. A release has to be so good that we don't hesitate for you to spend your hard earned money on it. An XCritic Pick has to be so much better than everything else out there that it's crystal clear a top porn release.”

By issuing the movie a perfect 5-star rating, the Jenna Haze-directed release was obviously a worthy recipient of the honor.

Legs Up Hose Down clocks in at about five and one-third hours,” Dr. Jay wrote. “That's about twice the sex in most movies … “But, quantity isn't enough … Primarily, the sex rocks. There are seven A+ scenes! Most of the scenes scored more than five out of five while a couple earned almost five. That's damned impressive.”

Fans will be able to get their copies signed this weekend when Haze makes appearances at two locations in Missouri. Tomorrow she’ll be at Cirilla’s in Gladstone, Mo., and Saturday she’ll appear at the Cirilla’s in Columbia, Mo. Both appearances are 5-9 p.m.

The Cirilla’s locations are at 6100 N. Oak Traffic Way in Gladstone, and 103 Buckner Street in Columbia.