HOLLYWOOD, Calif. - Producers Jeff Mullen and Scott David of X-Play are breaking out of their successful 'sitcum' formula to shoot a big-budget feature called Flight Attendants.

Flight Attendants is planned as the most expensive movie to date from the Hollywood studio known for its hit TV parodies such as Not the Bradys XXX, Not Bewtiched XXX and the upcoming Not Three's Company XXX.

"Flight Attendants will be spectacular," said Mullen. "I think the fans are going to love this movie, because most people have fantasized about hooking up with a beautiful flight attendant. But what we’re going to focus on is the wild personal drama and sexual relationships that take place between the ladies and the people they come in contact with."

Mullen and David plan to cast 20 of the adult industry's top female stars in the ambitious production, along with a selection of the hottest newcomers. Adam & Eve contract girls Kayden Kross and Bree Olson are on the producers' wish-list.

"I’ve spoken many times to Kayden about being in one of our feature movies; she wants to work with us, and I must say the feeling is mutual," Mullen said. "Both of those girls would be a perfect fit for this movie, but we have yet to sign the project up for distribution. Who knows, maybe Hustler will be our distributor."

The premise of Flight Attendants involves the flight crews from two rival airlines. Mullen says the movie will "capture the personal drama and sexual intrigue that is a part of daily lives at the airports, on the flights, at stop-over hotels, in the flight attendant apartments and at the pilots' homes."

The producers encourage all interested performers to get in touch as casting continues.

"We're looking at the hottest girls in the world to be in this movie," David said.

Flight Attendants will begin shooting after X-Play wraps its Married with Children parody in March. The company hopes to have the movie on the streets in September.


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