HOLLYWOOD, CA — Truth be told, the only adult movie award that Will Ryder says he still yearns to win is that for best music soundtrack. This year the adult movie director/producer has a chance to take home the trophy with his music for the Adam & Eve/ X-Play parody of Sylvester Stallone’s fight classic Rocky.

Known mostly for his funny television show parodies and numerous young girl lines, Ryder bit off a bit more than he relieved he’d need to chew by writing, arranging, producing, playing and recording a set of 11 musical compositions for Rocky XXX that are mostly classical in nature.   

There are no guarantees in life or in porn, but the hundreds of hours that went into creating the non-library musical score will not have been in vain if he comes up empty at the AVN Award Show in Las Vegas later this month.   

“I’m as proud of this musical score as I am for anything I’ve ever done in this industry so, win or lose, I can look back with satisfaction at a job well-done,” Ryder remaked. “But there is nothing like winning in Las Vegas and this would be huge.”

What Ryder did was spend weeks studying Bill Conti’s Rocky score before going into the recording studio for 13 days to arrange, compose, alter and arrange what has long been considered a masterpiece in American cinema. Brass instrument parts including trumpet, trombone, coronet, flugel horn and tuba had to be written, played and recorded. String arrangements had to be created, played and accurately voiced on synthesizers, and rhythm tracks had to be assembled, including period appropriate guitars, bass guitars and percussion. Plus, vocals involving top Hollywood session singers had to be sung; all with his musical partner, Rock Hardson, in the control room. 

What made him go to these lengths for porn music? 

“I really don’t know. I guess I might be crazy,” Ryder proposed. “But I actually believe that even porn deserves the respect of excellent music.” 

Winning dozens of award trophies, including AVN Director of the Year, has created a lasting reputation, but with a long history in the music business before entering the world of porn, Ryder still dreams of standing in this elusive winner’s circle. 

Disclaimer: This film is a parody. United Artists, MGM,Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, Sylvester Stallone, Bill Conti or the producers or director of Rocky in no way authorize, endorse or sponsor this movie or the music.   

Watch a SFW YouTube video of Ryder’s recording sessions.