ARLINGTON, Virginia—Wicked Pictures contract performer/director Jessica Drake will be a featured speaker at CatalystCon East, held March 14 – 16 in Arlington, Virginia. The sexual wellness authority and sex educator will speak alongside Dr. Carol Queen on Saturday, March 15, on the panel, “Real vs Reel Sex," where she will share her experiences in the adult industry and how it helped her see the need and demand for modernized sex education.

“In the absence of clear and pleasure-focused sex education… is sex as portrayed in adult movies really as fake as it’s often described?” reads the description of the panel discussion on the CatalystCon site. “‘Real’ people just don’t do those freaky things – or do they? A screen sex professional and a sexologist with more than a passing interest in porn discuss sex in the movies: the difference between on- and off-camera sex in porn and mainstream cinema, the growing ‘porn made for women’ genre, the rise of the anti-porn explicit movie, and much more.”

Held at Hilton Crystal City at Reagan Airport, “Real vs Reel Sex" will take place in the Madison Room from 10:30am–11:40am. For more information on CatalystCon East, visit here. Additional information can be found on the conference’s Twitter and Facebook pages.

“I’m honored to be invited to speak with the amazing Dr. Carol Queen about the adult industry and its relationship with the general public, specifically in the realm of Sex Ed.,” added Drake. “I’ve had the privilege of both directing and starring in adult feature movies, plus producing and directing my line of instructional movies, jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex,” adds drake. “Those experiences, along with the workshops and college campus chats I’ve been invited to, have provided me first-hand access to the differences in perception between sex as fantasy entertainment versus sex for educational benefits. I am really looking forward to a great panel both with Dr. Queen and with the input of Catalyst attendees.”

While at CatalystCon, Drake will also be interviewed on the WhoreCast podcast, hosted by multifaceted sex worker Siouxsie Q. “The WhoreCast is all about showcasing stories, art, and voices of American sex workers, so we are just ecstatic to have jessica drake in our studio at CatalystCon,” says Siouxsie Q. “It’s a unique opportunity for me to do an interview in front of a live audience, which always adds an element of magic. It’s so important to have mainstream stars like jessica as part of the WhoreCast mission, as we fight for Truth, Justice, and the American Whore. I can’t wait to have her on the show!”

For more information about Drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex titles, appearances and sex education seminar series, visit here.