VENICE, Calif.—Gen Padova has one of the most interesting stories in the world of porn, from the incredible amount of documentation of her while she was still a virgin, to losing her anal virginity on film in a scene that turned into a DP—just a couple of the things that made her a favorite inside and outside the adult industry in the past decade.. While she left Porn Valley and now calls Texas home, Padova has continued to make an impact in the adult industry through her website and the intimate view she offers of her life, both sexually and personally. She’s also invented StickPorn, is writing a cookbook and posting amazing content to regularly.

“I’m going to keep going and hopefully it will only branch out to bigger and greater things in the future,” Gen told Whack! of her future plans. “I’m still working on my cookbook, which has been almost a two-year project in the making trying to perfect everything. Also, I’m still making StickPorn for all those who love a little laugh here to make their dull day a better one.”

Gen is currently in Los Angeles this week, seeing friends, attending Porn Star Karaoke and doing media. Read the Whack! interview here.

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