VAN NUYS, CA – On December 20, an artfully woven tale of sensuality and suspense releases for the first time on DVD. Tight Spot delivers a captivating plot akin to Hollywood blockbusters, all while aptly incorporating hardcore eroticism. This thrilling full-length feature arrives courtesy of Western Visuals and Vantage Distribution

Reviewer for AVN, Mark Kernes stated, “Tight Spot has all the earmarks of an R-rated potboiler: the sleazy P.I., his sexy girlfriend, a mysterious millionaire, his estranged but horny wife and the ‘mystery woman.’ Add in nominations-worthy cinematography in lush locales like Mazatlan and the tried-and-true San Francisco, and you've got a movie that clicks on all cylinders.” 

Upon discovering a victim of a nearly fatal stabbing, Private Detective Alex Preston (Tony Martino) learns from the dying man that his wealthy employer hides a nefarious past. Strapped for cash, the scheming P.I. and his partner (Farrah) devise a plan to blackmail the enigmatic millionaire (Mike Horner). But when his search for villainous secrets turns up empty, Preston uncovers that this ambiguous history stays hidden for a reason. Anyone who has been previously connected to the mogul has wound up in the morgue. Will Preston share the same ill-fated demise or overcome the obstacles which befall him? 

All answers shall be revealed when Tight Spot streets on December 20. Also included in this turbulent journey of intrigue are Nikki Sin, Shanna McCullough, Missy, Fallon, Mickey, Gabriella Gotti, John Decker and a host of extras. 

“The acting and directing of the film rival that of mainstream drama,” stated Steven Marks, production liaison for Vantage Distribution. “The sex scenes are all appropriately placed and completely congruent with the plot arc. Retailers with customers seeking out a quality story with justifiable lovemaking should truly recommend Tight Spot.”