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Kelly Divine is the nasty red head who knows no limits. She starts of getting off with a dick down her throat. Her massive ass flaps up and down as she gets pussy fucked. Wanting more holes filled with dick, she screams to have her ass fucked. She screams louder and louder, “Give me that fucking dick in my ass!” Taking it deeper and deeper in the ass, her massive ass gets wrecked over and over with black cock. With her cum filled mouth, she says she’s going to drain the dick.

Lucky B has something to tell the ladies watching. She says, “Ladies you better relax and take notes.” She too gets a double dick fuck. With cock in her pussy and ass, her gigantic tatted ass rocks the room as it shakes up and down. With the dual dicks going deeper and deeper, her orgasms, moans and groans get louder and louder.  When the threesome is nearly over, Lucky takes two cum loads over her face and mouth.

Half way up the stairs, audiences see Lisa Ann’s ass gets rimmed, spanked, sucked, and tongue fucked. Her mouth and pussy take cock moments before her anal dick drilling. Her ass and tits tremble as her asshole gets raped and wrecked. Gasping for air and breathless she says over and over, “Take that fucking ass!” After her anal orgasms end, her face is cum smothered.

Big Ass Anal Wreckage 2 offers two and a half hours of intense massive ass anal wreckage. It also includes a bonus scene of more raw wreckage. Big Ass Anal Wreckage 2 features DVD extras such as trailers, photo galleries, scenes and website information.

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