LOS ANGELES, CA — Two sets of beautiful twins, a Las Vegas club magician with an affection for his flask, a saw, and a clever trick. What could go wrong?

Plenty, as Cheap Trixxx, B. Skow’s latest video from Vivid Entertainment, proves.

The new adult mystery feature, which will be released online on October 24 and in stores on Halloween, is directed by B. Skow and stars Taylor and Tati Russo and Lacey and Lyndsey Love. The cast also includes Barry Scott, Sascha, Xander Corvus and Mr. Pete. 

The fast-paced movie tells the story of "The Great Barry," who conceives of the ultimate woman-in-a-box, saw-her-in-half trick, which he calls "The Chinese Puzzle." Using two sets of twins as doubles of themselves, Barry believes he can make it look like he's sawing not one woman in half, but two. The trick goes beyond haywire and it appears that Barry's career is over when he kills the girls inside the box. 

"I've always loved watching talented magicians perform," said B. Skow. "Sawing a girl in half is a classic old trick to which we've given new life and a new twist with hot sex scenes in Cheap Trixxx'  The movie will remind us all that not everything is as it seems."

Check out a trailer for Cheap Trixxx.