LOS ANGELES—Fem-Dom fetish giant Venus Girls has built a reputation for providing some of the best content on the market. The reasons for their success are numerous: their understanding of the market, commitment to quality and selective choice of female stars are just a few factors that make VG the very best.

But another key factor in the ongoing success of the Venus Girls brand is the talent behind the camera. From Hall of Fame directors like Henri Pachard to noted kinksters like Nicki Hunter, VG has always put the camera in the hands of talented and perfectly twisted directors.

The most prolific VG director is award-winning Sturgeon Court. Behind the camera for well over 100 of projects for Venus Girls, Court has carved out a reputation as one of the best directors in the industry. His unique vision and love for the genre make him the perfect director to take the Venus Girls brand to the next level.

"There are lots of directors who shoot anything they can," said Sturgeon. "Things are tough and people are scrambling. It shows in the work. I have always enjoyed the fem-dom genre and try to convey that in my work. I want to add my signature into any project I take on."

The results are unquestionable. Court's Venus Girls movies are consistently among the best selling titles in their catalog and are favorites in the field. His love of strong, beautiful women translates to the screen and stems from his unique sexual experiences. Court lived abroad for several years with his encounters include women from around the globe that were varied, exotic and occasionally allowing for kinky tastes. This authenticity blends with his technical proficiency to create an experience that is popular with fans and critics alike.

As Venus Girls expands their brand name and exposes new audiences to their unique style of fem-dom porn, the big name female talent in front of the camera captures the attention of new fans, but it is Court's skill and vision that they hope will keep devoted fans coming back for more.

"I have always known that the women are the stars of our movies," added Court. "I just hope that people will be drawn in by the big names and quality. That I show them what I do so they will feel the have had their on screen fantasies fulfilled. With all that we are going to increase awareness of our product, I know that more people are watching. I have to step up my game and give fans something they will never forget."

Sturgeon Court's Venus Girls titles are available for download or DVD purchase here.