LAS VEGAS — VCX has lined up another eight Cal-Vista Classic releases this month, featuring legendary stars such as Serena, Kay Parker, Penthouse Pet Brigitte Maier, Rene Bond and Samantha Fox.

VCX acquired the Cal-Vista library last year. Of the 176 Golden Age porn films in the catalog, 113 have never before been released on DVD, according to VCX president David Sutton. 

"We’re not doing a chop-shop treatment to these important classics," said VCX president David Sutton. "Many of these titles won or were nominated for best picture and many other awards, and we're going to do them justice, even if it takes a while."

The new February releases bring the total of Cal Vista Classics on DVD to 90.

On Feb. 17, VCX releases Jack Remy's Lorelei (starring Taboo actress Kay Parker as a lingerie designer), Carter Stevens' Pleasure Palace (with Serena and Veri Knotty), The Second Coming of Eva (featuring '70s Penthouse Pet Brigitte Maier) and The Other Side of Julie (with John Leslie, Suzanne French and Joey Silvera).

Slated for release Feb. 24 are the Exorcist-era porn-horror flick Angel Above - Devil Below (starring Rene Bond), the early Sharon Mitchell film French Teen, Here Comes the Bride with Samantha Fox, and director Danielle Deneuve's Little Angel Puss.

In March, VCX will release The Joy of Fooling Around, shot on the Greek island of Mykonos with a cast led by the exotic Monique DuPrez (decribed by Sutton as "unquestionably the hottest, most vivacious, erotic sex-symbol you’ve ever seen on the screen… period!")

"This is the most incredible library never to be released on DVD," Sutton said. "We've just touched the surface here!"

VCX scored a perfect 5A AVN review for its reissue of the vintage John Holmes feature Eruption. This marks the third time in two years that VCX has earned AVN's rare, highest rating for one of its classic porn titles. Recently screened in Los Angeles to promote the Holmes biography "A Life Measured in Inches," Eruption is the movie that featured Holmes and Leslie Bovee in a recreation of the famous beach scene in From Here to Eternity.

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