LAS VEGAS — VCX has put the sizzle in summer with new-to-DVD Cal Vista Classics: Practice Makes Perfect, Heavy Breathing, Wild Oats and Precious Gems.

These red-hot classics, which will be available on July 7th, feature highly praised adult industry performers of the past, including Lynn LeMay, Randy West and Samantha Strong.

"Cal Vista Classics are the perfect summer fling, offering a great excuse to stay in from the hot rays and enjoy scorching sex with some classics camp value! Plus, the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands in Precious Gems can transport the viewer to a very naughty vacation in the safety of their home,” says VCX C.E.O., David Sutton.

Heavy Breathing is about Abby, a woman who gives “good phone” because she’s into heavy breathing, and all that term implies. But she’s constantly battling the impulse to reach out and touch... everyone, with her body as well as her voice. Beverly and Chuck work with Abby on the phones. They get it on together in a number of imaginatively nasty ways, giving new meaning to "party line." The movie stars Bunny Bleu, Barbie Blake, Ray Hartin, Sandy Summer, Greg Derek and Chris Reed.

Practice Makes Perfect follows the sexual shenanigans of ladies who are dedicated to perfection.  If practice makes perfect, these luscious ladies are flawless. Their motto of “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again,” has never been truer. They don’t ever want to stop perfecting the old in-n-out action that leaves a man wanting more. The movie stars Kim Pope, Darby Lloyd Rains, Eric Edwards, Anita Ericsson, Anne Magle, Jacqueline Laurent, Charles Canyon and Knud Jorgensen.

Precious Gems was filmed on location in the beautiful Hawaiian Islands. The hot action gets off to a furious pace when Randy West checks into his condo to find the maid ready to give him the full service. Then it’s one wild sex romp after another. From secluded sessions in the sand to a sizzling lesbian scene with Lynn LeMay and fiery Samantha Strong. These free-spirited nymphos, Randy West, Samantha Strong, BrandyWine, Lynn LeMay, Bionca, Nina De Ponca, Robert Bullock, Blake Palmer and Ray Victory have a Hawaiian experience they’ll never forget.

Wild Oats takes viewers to the medial offices of the legendary Dr. Jay, renowned proponent of the potent aphrodisiacal properties associate with the ingestion of wild oats. Watch him as he proves, over and over again, how sensually arousing this experience can be on his frustratingly, undersexed patients. Suddenly their frigid and flaccid bodies awaken to the sexual joys of intimate, erotic content, and they are freed to explore every pleasurable whim their now stimulated libido can imagine.  Directed by Ron Jeremy and starring: Jessica Longe, Monique DuBois, Nina DePonca, Damien Thorne, David Elliot and Jan Sanders.

All above mentioned titles include: photo gallery, classic bonus scenes, and vintage trailers. To purchase these or any of the hot-n-heavy Cal Vista Classics log on to: place an order contact