LAS VEGAS, Nev.—VCX celebrates spring with a hot foursome of forever-young co-ed action, releasing the following titles: Afternoon Tease, Nasty Girls, Swinging Sorority and Three Cheers For BJU. Turn the clock back to a time of wild abandonment in the college sorority fantasy of Swinging Sorority or take the ultimate sex education course in Three Cheers For BJU. Then make time for afternoon delights and all-girl orgies in Afternoon Tease and Nasty Girls.

"Our first releases for spring are the perfect sexually charged foursome, celebrating everything young, nubile and incredibly horny!” says VCX President David Sutton. “They are the absolute best youth serum, starring classic beauties Sharon Kane, Joanna Storm, Sharon Mitchell, Anna Marie, Cindy Wilton and Sharon Thorpe at their all-time sexiest.”

VCX forever-young classics are slated for release on March 30. The titles are fully remastered for optimum DVD viewing, and extras include a photo gallery, classic bonus scenes and vintage trailers. To place an order, email or call (818) 676-9017.


Afternoon Tease: Lord Farthingay is coming to tea. The hostess’ butler resorts to the yellow pages to hire appropriate entertainment, and his finger inadvertently walks from Afternoon Teas to “AFTERNOON TEASE.” After the “entertainment,” a stunningly nubile trio arrives. Things don’t go exactly as originally planned, but no one will be heard complaining. Cast list: Casey Lorrain, Ron Darby, Ken Wade, Donna Young, Alida Tenna, Sandy Dempsy, Pete Dawson.

Nasty Girls: Three übersluts with very different tastes take to their favorite bar, Eve’s, with every intention of spreading their lovely legs wide, offering their tight and toned bodies for the closest man to fuck, ravage and defile. Find out what the sex-hungry patrons of Eve’s do to satisfy their lust in this Henri Pachard classic. Cast list: Sharon Kane, Joanna Storm, Sharon Mitchell, Tiffany Clark, Kelly Nichols, Barbara Daniels, Fred Lincoln, Ashley Moore, R. Bolla, Dave Ruby, Michael Bruce, Tony Santino, Alan Adrian, Henri Pachard.

Swinging Sorority: Ever wonder what really goes on in a college sorority house overflowing with the most beautiful, high-spirited and available young women who ever graced a campus? Well, Swinging Sorority won’t show you the way it actually is, but it will definitely be everything you ever fantasized it could be. Cast list: Anna Marie, Cindy Wilton, Rick Cassidy, Susie Carlson, Flora Mcintosh, Wendy Sanders.

Three Cheers For BJU: Four cash-starved nympho wannabes go to Madam Lovewhip for a crash course in pleasuring men. All come equipped with sexual hang-ups that prevent them from reaching their true potential. Madam Lovewhip uses a variety of orgasmic techniques—from sucking clits to deep-throating dildos—until the final exam: a balls-deep hardcore orgy with the Madam’s most distinguished johns, who test the girls’ fresh new skills while ravaging their all-natural bodies. Cast list: Sharon Thorpe, Linda Lovewhip, Sheri Suzette.