LOS ANGELES—University College Dublin's Literary and Historical Society has rescinded the offer it made to adult star Tanya Tate to speak after college authorities stepped in.

Tate has seen her fair share of controversy, especially in Ireland with her infamous Tanya Tate Sex Tour of Ireland and her on-screen frolics with Irish pro athlete Greg Jacob.

This time, however, the controversy stems from an appearance the award winning MILF performer was set to make. Tate was asked to speak at one of the UCD Literary and Historical Society's debates. But before her itinerary could be finalized, unnamed college authorities pulled the plug on the appearance without providing any reason.

"The adult industry is indeed a topic that many people are not willing to discuss, yet many of the population in Ireland choose to watch the work of adult actors and actresses," Tate said. "While, mainstream communities are becoming more open to exploring the notion of adult entertainment, some parts of our modern society are too afraid to approach the subject. I am saddened that it appears the UCD authorities have decided not to allow their students to explore an open debate on this very issue."

This was the second time UCD offered Tate an opportunity to speak at the event, the first being In 2010. Due to scheduling conflicts, Tate was unable to appear at that time.

Tate has come into her own in 2012; solidifying her status as an adult film director, producing her own content for TanyaTate.com, maintaining a mainstream geek centric genre blog, making signing appearances across the U.S., having her own Fleshlight signature model and continuing her MILF of the Year winning streak for a third straight year in the UK SHAFTA Awards. Even with all her various projects, the Brit continues to deliver incredible adult video performances that have propelled her amongst the top MILF performers in the American, British and Irish adult entertainment markets.

"Though I am disheartened by the actions of the college authorities, I do believe there are discussions on the topic of adult entertainment to be had," Tate said. "And should the students of the UCD have any questions for me, I encourage them to contact me directly. I will compile the questions and on Sept. 19, the night I was originally intended to appear at the UCD, I will upload a video to my YouTube account with my responses. The college authorities may have prevented me from openly debating at the school, but I'll be damned if I let them stop me from voicing my opinions and experiences to those who wish to hear them."  

Students wishing to ask Tate any questions and keep the debate about the adult industry alive may email her directly at tanya@tanyatate.com. Label the subject of the email "UCD Question." Answers will be posted to Tanya's YouTube channel.