LOS ANGELES/LONDON—Wicked Pictures is bringing something erotic from the UK into the United States. Due to an exclusive distribution arrangement, JoyBear Pictures’ innovative approach to XXX entertainment will soon be on American shelves, starting with its new couples feature, Chloe’s Column: Fuck Fame.

The DVD's release comes during a period of robust success for this purveyor of "Raunchy Films For Her And Him," as the company's brand of adult entertainment has received raves in everything from Britain's Esquire magazine to the Sunday Times newspaper, with the latter lauding JoyBear for creating a "kinder, gentler pornography." 

At its heart, Chloe’s Column: Fuck Fame is a XXX meditation on our society's obsession with the culture of celebrity. When Chloe, an intrepid young journalist, goes on a mission to get to the truth behind the headlines, she's soon lured deep inside a fickle world of betrayal. It quickly becomes evident that instead of seeking virtues or talents in celebrities, many in society seek out those who are likely to break ethical boundaries in public. In other words, "infamy" has become the new "fame." 

Such intriguing concerns set the stage for a procession of increasingly erotic encounters. Sexy blonde Paige Ashley delivers a precocious, pitch perfect performance as the enterprising Chloe, performing a sensual couples scene with newcomer Kai Taylor before sharing her love and lust with Jamie Barry in an energetic and emotional tryst. And she even gets to taste a little fame of her own by going down slow on macho Seb in a sensual staircase encounter that's made memorable thanks to fluid editing and stunning videography. 

Along the way, Pagie shares the screen with some wonderfully sensual co-stars. Brunette Honey Demon steals the show in a vigorous boy/girl encounter, while inked-up artists Holly D. and Havana Sin burn down the screen in a sparkling lesbian tryst. Throw in some sexy oral antics from Hannah Shaw and Tammie and you're left with a thought-provoking XXX release that's as erotic as it is topical.

But it's Ms. Ashley’s portrayal of the film's titular character that gives JoyBear Pictures’ producer, director and owner Justin Ribeiro dos Santos no small amount of satisfaction. "JoyBear films always feature strong, self-assured female characters," he observed when asked about the film's cast. "But interestingly, despite her impressive performance, Paige Ashley wasn’t our first choice to portray Chloe. But now that the film is complete, I am delighted she ended up playing the central character. She is a typical sassy, sparky London chick with an inquisitive mind, and she typified our idea for Chloe. Also, if you saw the Hollywood blockbuster The King’s Speech, you may also recognize most of the locations!" 

Witty, explicit, and beautifully shot, Chloe’s Column: Fuck Fame gives stateside viewers a compelling introduction to the unique films that critics like Porn Valley Vantage’s Dr. Chauntelle credit with "setting the pace for a new, pioneering sort of adult content."

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