VENICE, CA—When you’re having a difficult time with your studies, there is no shame in hiring a tutor. If that tutor happens to be a super-hot, amazingly horny smart chick, all the better!

In MILFs Love It Harder 4 (North Pole), Ryder Skye is that hot 'n horny teacher and she can help you reconsider how you view your science class.

“I played a tutor helping Jessie Jones with his biology homework,” Ryder said. “It then goes into a dream sequence where I magically appear in lingerie and tell him how much I want to bang the hell out of him.”

Dream or no, Jesse has the greatest study session of his life and we get to view and enjoy all 26 minutes and 51 seconds of the fun.

“It was one of the best scenes I’ve done since I came back,” Ryder explained. “He has a huge cock and it was a great scene.”

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Ryder also stars in the just-released She Divorced Me So I Fucked Her Hot Slutty Attorney (Lethal Hardcore).

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