LOS ANGELES—Due to the enduring popularity of naked yoga, there have been a handful of adult films produced over the years that feature the practice, but that doesn't mean there can't be one more. Presenting True Love Films Yoga for Lovers, directed under the masterful eye of Jim Powers.

"The practice of naked Yoga has been gaining popularity, notably in western societies, that are more familiar with social nudity," said Powers. "It's become popular in Europe, and now finally in the United States. I wanted to give back to the community and make this phenomenon available to the public."

The four girls who have an instructional role in Yoga for Lovers are yoga trained. From the menu of the DVD, one can choose to watch each girl's set from start to finish; the warm up, stretching, meditation and Yoga positions with her lover. Additionally, there is the choice of watching each girl's workout in two forms—with verbal instructions to walk one through their own workout, or without verbal instruction.

Using yoga as a prelude to sex can help a couple gain flexibility and expand their relationship to new dimensions. Follow a selection of yoga postures and abdominal exercises with the emphasis on holding only a few simple poses, and be delighted with how this will enhance your relationship. This is done with a specific range of motions for articulation and organ condition to strengthen weak parts of the body. This yoga DVD can be used therapeutically.

Experience yoga free from the restrictions imposed by clothing, leading to love-making by fit young couples. Improve focus and become more centered through meditation. With a light musical score, this movie is designed for couples to improve their love-making and enhance romance. While these positions are not normally associated with making love, yoga can aid in the sensuality of a couple's physical relationship.

A NSFW trailer is available here.

Yoga for Lovers has a ship date of June 25 and a street date is July 2. To order Yoga for Lovers, contact Danny Gorman at 818-280-3700 or danny@xxxjuicy.com. This amazing and versatile title is hot and will be setting new records. Get your orders in early!

For foreign sales, contact Jim Powers at jp@mrfilth.com and @JimPowersXXX on Twitter.

Disclaimer: Due to the sexual nature of this instructional DVD, it carries an X rating: Adults only, and is not to be viewed by persons under 18 years of age.