VAN NUYS, Calif.—The trailer for Stalker has been released by Tom Byron Pictures in anticipation of its July 13 ship dateThe sneak peek presents Allie Haze (pictured), Jessie Andrews and Dani Daniels going about their every day lives and enjoying some alone time...or so they think. Director Ivan uses his unique, artistic eye to find the best angles to peer around corners and catch candid video of the unaware girls. 

“I chose to shoot the girls from several different angles to emulate how an actual stalker would go about getting the best view,” said Ivan. “The long shots across the yard, and the view through the windows are my favorite because it is when the girls seem most unsuspecting.  The act of exploiting innocence is a turn on for fans of voyeur, and putting Allie, Jessie and Dani on display like this makes the ‘Stalker’ concept extremely hot.”

Stalker is a little different than the average voyeur video that just aims to get the viewer off,” said VP of Tom Byron Pictures, Adam Hasner. “Fans of voyeur will appreciate how the trailer depicts a glimpse of sexual tension in this movie and the thrill of possibly getting caught. We cut hard trailers for our films as marketing and sales tools for our customers. These trailers are proven to increase sales and hype prior to release and for years to come."

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Director Ivan captures Allie Haze, Jessie Andrews and Dani Daniels in private moments and portrays them as innocent, unassuming girls enjoying their time alone.  The girls are coy at first whether they are reading, lying in the sun or just hanging around the house, but soon their minds and hands wander.  Playful touching gets more and more intimate, and the girls soon get the feeling they are not alone.  Mindfully aware they could be subject to a Peeping Tom, the girls continue their fun and keep an eye out for whomever may be lurking in the bushes.

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