VAN NUYS, Calif.—Some may consider history and science to be stuffy and decidedly not sexy, but Private and Pure Play Media beg to differ. With the release of Time Traveling Orgies, the duo plan to show the deeply sexual reality nature of time and space.

Seven “scandalous” scenes begin with a trip back to the age of the pharaohs – and a particularly frisky one at that. Together with his trusty sentinels, many a Nefer-titty is thoroughly explored.

Next up, a quick jump forwardf in time brings the performers into the world ofRomeand the rough life of Caesar’s gladiators, whose daring deeds earn them maximus glory in the arms of beautiful babes.

Things go a bit sideways in time when it’s not the Middle Ages but Middle Earth that receives a hardcore visit. Regardless of where or when it is, these lords of the cock ring manage to earn entry into their wenches’ carnal caverns.

Few eras were more surreptitiously and deeply depraved than the Victorian, few women more sexually indulgent than Cleopatra or companions more sensually inspired than those at a Da Vinci era orgy – yet all make appearances during this time tripping sexploration into the known but recently experienced. 

“This arousing exploration over and beyond the anals of history will surely delight porn fiends and quantum physicists alike,” stated Bill Rix of Pure Play Media. “Private’s continued titillating attention to detail and unique creativity make Time Traveling Orgies another great release amongst their growing library of impressive titles.”