VAN NUYS, CA – Betrayal, lust and intrigue collide in The Widow.  Partnering with Magik View Entertainment, Private unravels this suspenseful tale of murderous intent and wanton pleasures on December 29.  Released from Pure Play Media, the full-length feature embarks viewers on a wondrous journey fraught with peril, passion and temptation.

Torn between the wistful love of her butler and loyalties to her wealthy husband, Angelica (Black Angelika) makes the agonizing decision to end the life of her spouse.  Everything seems to have smoothly gone according to plan, but the callus widow hadn’t counted on the tenacity of the lead detective.  His vexing suspicions back her into a corner.  Now, left without options, the conniving siren must rely on her and her friends’ seductive powers to turn the investigation around.  Will the horny police force succumb to this dastardly ploy, or will Angelica have to plot her future schemes from behind bars?  Entangled in this web of deceit are Carla Cox, Leny Ewil, Ian Scott, Angelica Heart, Antonio Ross, J.J., Abbie Cat, Jay Dee, Anastasia Devine, and Neeo.

“This film has all the benchmarks of a Hollywooddrama,” stated Bill Rix, national sales manager for Pure Play. “With these impressive production values, Private easily ranks amongst top industry studios. Considering the massive influx of web-based erotica and parodies, consumers are hungry for fresh and original content. Retail owners have now the need to expand their selection to accommodate for this demand. Plot based titles, such as The Widow, help those businesses gain a competitive edge.”