CHATSWORTH, CA -- New Sensations has just released a trailer for the next installment of The Romance Series called, The Friend Zone.

Known for consistently delivering some of the highest quality productions in the romance genre, ‘The Romance Series’ has outdone even itself this time. Starring newcomer, Riley Reid, and seasoned veteran, Anthony Rosano, The Friend Zone exhibits mainstream production value with exceptional direction by Eddie Powell. 

Powell says, “The biggest mistake I could make as a director is getting too comfortable or thinking I know it all. I like pushing the envelope, using new techniques and challenging myself to always produce something better than the film before. The complexities that came with a story like, The Friend Zone allowed me to do that.”

The Friend Zone, which could easily be mistaken for a mainstream film, releases January 17, 2012. The story centers around two best friends, Kevin (Rosano) and Gina (Reid), who do absolutely everything together… almost.

Unfortunately, despite harboring a major crush on her, Kevin has never been able to move their relationship past the Friend Zone. So, when Gina suggests that they try their hand at online dating, Kevin's fear of losing her pushes him to do the unthinkable. Stealing the identity of his coworker, Cameron, and creating a fake online profile, he sets out to woo his best friend, Gina. But when she falls for her online suitor and demands that they meet in person, Kevin will have to risk everything by telling the truth. Will his deception destroy their entire relationship, or will they finally step outside the Friend Zone?

Writer of the film, Jacky St. James, says, “Everything about this film was a risk. From casting a relative newcomer (Riley Reid) in a leading role, to the use of special effects never before integrated into a romance film. But after having watched the film in its entirety, I can confidently say that the risks paid off. The outstanding performances by Anthony Rosano and Riley Reid bring to life a story that will undoubtedly hit home for a lot of people.”

Rounding out the cast are heavy hitters Xander Corvus, Dana DeArmond, Danny Mountain, Giovanni Francesco and Lexi Bloom.

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