CYBERSPACE — If there’s one thing that Immoral Productions has discovered its fans like to see, it’s hot porn girls getting it on with everyday guys, which is why the debut of Fuck A Fan on the Streamate network set a record for sales and will become a regularly scheduled program.

The return showing featured the one and only Tanner Mayes as the main model, along with fluffers Amy Brooke and Lizzy London. The three-hour sex fest was directed by the Immoral Productions team of Jim Powers, Ralph Long, Porno Dan, still photographer Rick Garcia and special guest director Will Ryder.

Fuck A Fan features three episodes per night, as three fans compete. The third place fan becomes the Hand Job Winner, the second place fan becomes the Blow Job Winner and the first place winner gets to be in the aptly named, Fuck A Fan. All three contestants had been on previous episodes and were chosen by Immoral Productions CEO Dan Leal as the most entertaining of all time.

The Hand Job winner portion of the first episode saw former winner Chad Diamond return to the place where he started his porn career almost one-and-a half years ago. It culminated with Diamond being offered a production job shooting Immoral Productions’ live shows. 

The Blow Job winner was the one and only Love Pirate, who flew in fromWashingtonstate. This good-natured fellow almost passed out from the double blow job administered by Tanner Mayes and Amy Brooke. In the end, the thankful fellow sang their praises to anyone who would listen.

The “Fuck A Fan” segment itself was the most bizarre and could have never been predicated, as the fan got cold feet and literally ran out of the studio without touching or being touched by the girls. Porno Dan, never one to let something as trivial as a lack of a fan end a live show, directed Diamond to take the nervous lad’s place and the show went on. 

Liz of Streamate says, "We were thrilled with the results the Fuck A Fan show had and are glad to be featuring the show regularly!"

Amy Brooke put it best. “I feel like I’m home again. I can’t wait until the next Fuck A Fan show on August 25. You can count on me to be there!”

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