HOLLYWOOD, Calif.—It's no secret sexy performer, Kendra Lust (http://twitter.com/KendraLust), also known as "The MILF Next Door" has been turning heads lately. Between her hot scenes and her electrifying webcam shows, fans have been following the XXX star as she navigates her way to the top of the industry. And now she's been sought out by the Gentleman's' Lifestyle publication, PumpsMag.com.

Launched in 2009, PumpsMag.com was created as an online trade magazine to draw back the curtain on the billion dollar Gentleman's Club industry. Featuring the hottest women in the industry, interviews with entrepreneurs, club ratings, guest bloggers and tips for readers, PumpsMag.com has grown into one of the most highly respected publications for fans of the "Gentleman's" lifestyle. And now they've set their sights on Kendra Lust.

"I was so excited when I was approached by PumpsMag.com," said Kendra. "I am not only a proud XXX performer but I plan to start feature dancing soon and I really want to make a name for myself in the Gentleman's Club industry. And for all my fans who know me, I'm an open book and I had a great time answering all their sexy questions."

PumpsMag.com not only featured a tell all interview as well as an array of sexy photos of Kendra, but they also put her as their "Mystery Feature Beauty." A picture of her beautiful figure was posted but with her face covered. Fans were given a few facts about Kendra and they had to guess who's body they were looking at. Fans were thrilled that it was Kendra's gorgeous curves and her exciting interview in the publication have had audiences coming back for more.

To read Kendra Lust's sexy interview in PumpsMag.com, click here: http://ow.ly/gyuYy.

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