LONG BEACH, NY – Terminal Press is promoting the release of its XXX comic book adaptation "Tell Them Johnny Wadd is Here" with a very special contest.

Licensed from Arrow Productions, the Wadd comic delivers a loose interpretation of the classic John Holmes screen persona of the 1970s. The Terminal team is calling on hairy horndogs of all races, creeds, genders and perversions to submit photos of their funniest, funkiest facial growth for the title of Most Bad-Ass Mustache.

The winner gets a copy of the "Tell Them Johnny Wadd is Here" comic, the original DVD it is based upon and a "Tell them Johnny Wadd" T-shirt virtually guaranteed to yield mustache-ride fees of 25 cents and up.

False ‘staches will be accepted. Costumes, props and general creativeness will be rewarded.

"I tried to grow a porno mustache over this last week and I don’t have the hair to do it," said Arrow Productions marketing maven Robert Interlandi. "So I'm going to get a costume mustache for my entry."

As an added incentive, Terminal Press has lanuched a ten-page, downloadable .PDF preview of the Wadd book at http://www.terminalpress.com/index.php/wadd-contest.html.

Deadline for entries is April 20.

Buy the limited edition comic at http://www.terminalpress.com/tell-them-johnny-wadd-is-here.html.

Visit www.xxxdeepthroat.com for all things Arrow Productions. Tell them Johnny Wadd sent ya.