VENICE, CA — Those headed to Atlantic City see Teal Conrad this weekend can do some reading to prepare, thanks to a new interview with Conrad and her friend Tory Lane on Mens Mag Daily.

Calling Conrad “as hot as any supermodel on the face of the Earth,” writer Jon DaBove goes on to say that she “is one of the hottest new starlets in the industry, and in my humble opinion, has the looks and talent to be the next Jenna Jameson.”

The interview is illustrated by several personal photos of the two.

“I like when I get to see a finished product,” Conrad says when asked about her favorite part of the industry. “I like seeing a good finished product, something I can be really proud of. I have a lot of passion for it, I just love it. The more I do it, the more I want. I love what I do and sometimes I just forget that I’m in front of a camera, so I might forget to curl my toes or something like that, so I try and pay attention to those things. I want everything to be perfect because I adore it so much.”

Check out the Mens Mag Daily interview with Teal Conrad and Tory Lane.