HOLLYWOOD, CA Tanya Tate has made an impressive impact online with four hit viral videos. Tate was recently featured in wildly popular YouTube videos from comedian Kassem G as well as the Badge of Shame celebratory rap video "I Got 50,000 Subs." 

Kassem G met Tate at the recent Exxxotica Miami Beach event where he interviewed her for his California On... series. Immediately following the video's release, the hits skyrocketed with the total views easily surpassing half a million.

An unedited version of Kassem G's interview with Tate was also posted and that one, as well, began to amass a solid viewership.

Tate filmed a video response to her new found fans and posted a video on her own YouTube page, simply titled Video Response To Kassem G Viewers. That video has attained over 28,000 views as well.

As the interest in the California on Exxxotica video continues to grow, a music video Tate had filmed weeks earlier made its online debut on the comedy channel; Badge of Shame titled I Got 50,000 Subs. 

In the music video, Tate appears as herself and is mentioned in the song by popular comedian/personality Joe. Joe is known for his successful Joe Goes series of videos in which he interviews people who attend various conventions. It was at the Exxxotica Los Angeles convention that Joe met Tate and she appeared in his aptly named video Joe Goes To Exxxotica.  

Tate's own YouT­ube channel continues to grow, providing a unique experience in the life of the performer. From her appearances at comic conventions fully dressed as a different super heroes to visiting amusement parks in Southern California to reviewing comic books and collectible figures, Tate's videos give a glimpse at the outside activities of an adult star.  

"On my YouTube page, I like to spotlight different aspects of my life," said Tate. "People can see my naughty, x-rated side on TanyaTate.com. So, for my YouTube channel which has almost 100 videos, I wanted to keep the content something entirely different. It's still sexy, but it is goofy and fun as well."  

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