HOLLYWOOD, CA—Being an award-winning adult actress may be her “day job,” but Tanya Tate's hobby of superstar geekdom keeps her just as busy. This week Tanya is spotlighted on Crave Online’s Blue Movie Podcast. Hosted by noted film reviewer William Bibbiani, Blue Movie Podcast not only delves into the world of adult entertainment but pop-culture as well. Since she began cosplaying, Tanya has become a prolific geek personality. Penthouse and Hustler, independently of each other, have annointed Tanya as porn’s "Cosplay Queen," a fitting title for the popular sexlebrity. On the Blue Movie Podcast, Tanya discusses her hobby, the recent controversy that landed her on TMZ and her hit movie Cosplay Queens and Tied Up Teens.

“We talked about everything from my upcoming action figure and comic book to my career as a director and performer,” said Tanya. “It’s a fun podcast to listen to and there are some surprises sprinkled in.”

The Blue Movies Podcast Presents: Tanya Tate can be found here.

Blue Movies Podcast is not the only site to showcase the gorgeous geek. First Comics News is currently spotlighting Tanya as the Cosplay Girl of the Week. With a gallery of images that feature her in a sexy superhero costume, First Comics News profiles the cosplay superstar and her hobby. “I love First Comics News,” said Tanya. “My cosplay blog JustaLottaTanya.com is syndicated through them and I have participated on panels at San Diego Comic Con and Wondercon with them. So seeing me as their Cosplay Girl of the Week is really something I am very appreciative of.”

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Tanya Tate is the go-to geek girl in adult entertainment. Even more so by adding Blue Movies Podcast and First Comics News’s Cosplay Girl of the Week to her ever growing list of geek media credits.

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