HOLLYWOOD, Calif.—Most people are familiar with Tanya Tate's award-winning adult video performances, but newly released is the Badge of Shame comedy video that showcases the more comedic side of the sex star.

The video, Joe Vs. Tanya Tate - Part One, features Joe interviewing Tate about her adult entertainment career, her awards and her Tanya Tate Fleshlight that is now available for purchase.

"Joe is awesome and brilliantly funny," said Tate. "He has a creative way of making people laugh by creating awkward situations and letting them react. I look forward to his weekly videos and I'm excited about being featured for the next two episodes."

The video is broken in to two parts and the second video will be unveiled the following Wednesday on the Badge of Shame website and YouTube page.

This is not the first time Tate has appeared in Badge of Shame comedy videos. She was recently featured in the the I Got 50,000 Subs rap video that garnered over 150,000 views since it was uploaded. In the video, Tate appears as a caricature of herself, a trophy wife of the braggingly successful Joe.

Other Badge of Shame comedy videos Tanya can be seen in include Joe Goes To Exxxotica (470,616 views) and Joe Goes To Adultcon (371,786 views).

While Tate is a hit on the Badge of Shame YouTube channel, her own Tanya Tate Tube channel has become a success in its own right. With almost 100 free work safe videos and nearly half a million views, Tanya Tate Tube continues to be an outlet for the Liverpool born performer to express herself and connect with her fan base on a more personal level.

"When people visit my naughty site, TanyaTate.com, they expect to see me in sexual situations," Tate said. "On Tanya Tate Tube, fans can see a whole other side of me. From dressing up as She-Ra or other superheroes and going to Comic Cons, to doing reviews, and previews of movies, and amusements park rides, to simply answering questions fans submit to me via twitter, it is all there."