CYBERSPACE — Sunset Thomas is an adult screen legend, which means that she has a lot of stories to share. This week, she’ll be sharing a bit of “oral” with an online audience not once, but twice.

Having recently been the focus of an interview on PeeperzRadio, Thomas is preparing herself for two more speaking engagements to be streamed this week.

Hump day will be made a little easier to endure when Thomas brings her hot stuff to the Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas, V. She’ll join the cast of The Rocking Comedy Show to talk about all things erotic.

“Crazy Jay, Spazz and Rebekah really do rock,” proclaimed Thomas. “I’ve been a frequent guest on their show and it’s always a blast. But this one should really be special because we’re broadcasting from Vegas’ iconic Erotic Heritage Museum!”

Friday, August 19, has even more to be thankful about starting at 6:00 pm, when the delightfully talkative Thomas will join Rejj Smooth on The King of Hearts where the music is gazz and the talk is provocative.

“This will be my first radio rodeo with Rejj and Xradio. I’m a jizz fan, I mean jazz fan,” Thomas cracked. “X Radio is a biggie — and I know something about biggies — they have 40 different stations and they’ve been on the net since 1999. Obviously, I’m honored to have been asked to contribute!”