LOS ANGELES—Webcam performer Catherine Tayler, who just finished up her stint as Streamate's Featured Cam Girl of the Month for June, has been busy the past month. In addition to her usual active cam schedule, Tayler made an appearance on Playboy Radio's You Porn Show with Ginger Lynn and Christy Canyon. The two adult entertainment legends didn't take it easy on Tayler, getting her to open up and putting her on the spot right away.

"The interview was a blast," Tayler says. "I never speak that freely in public, especially about such personal topics. Taking everything I have done privately over the past three years and putting it out there, knowing that I can't take anything back; it was a little daunting at first, but in the end, quite liberating."

Tayler's segment on You Porn included a live demonstration of some dom/sub play with a lucky caller. She is no stranger to all sorts of fantasy play, but acting one out live was enough to make her a little nervous.

"Talk about being put on the spot," laughs Tayler. "Having to act that out live was very nerve-racking. I must have been beet red with nervousness, but it was fun stuff. I would do it again. Now that I've done it. Look out the next time I'm on the air."

Tayler was also able to touch on her life before camming and her personal evolution. Though it hasn't always been an easy road, it is one she is proud to have taken.

"Everyone thinks of us as extremely sexual all the time and that we venture into the cam world as total horndogs," Tayler observers. "That wasn't the case with me. I became a cam girl because I was broke. Sure, I had an interest in what it was like from early adulthood, but I never dreamed it would be the way it is. Before camming, I worked too hard in dead end jobs, barely getting by, raising children alone and it was so lonely. I was in debt up to my ears, moving from place to place. Now I am extremely happy, know more about myself not only sexually but in every way, am debt free, make my own hours, own a home and look forward to the future."

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