LOS ANGELES—According to Immoral Productions director Jim Powers, college sororities could learn a thing or two from his performers about the values that their organizations celebrate, including the principles of community service and social development and the formation of lifelong friendships.

“The kind and unselfish attitude displayed,” said the director, spreaking about Immoral's Fluffers series, “should definitely be a part of the new member training for prospective sorority women. These wonderful girls show all the traits and characteristics that a sorority preaches: kindness, compassion, and most importantly, unselfish acts for the good of the community as a whole. It is only fitting that one of the sweetest and most caring girls I have ever met—Heather Starlet—makes her return to Immoral Productions in Fluffers 4.”

Sororities have long been known as place where young women bond and become life-long friends. Now, with the fourth volume of Fluffers about to hit the streets, sorority presidents nationwide should look to the Immoral Productions series to set an example for new pledges.

Immoral Productions hires real fluffers every week, and in this series fans can see behind-the-scenes footage of these caring and compassionate young ladies and benefit from their willingness to suck cock for the greater good.

Fluffers 4 is a special four-hour double-disc volume that features footage from the 2010 Chicago Exxxtacy show. It showcases five women who take turns serving as fluffers for each other: Heather Starlet, who makes her long-awaited return to Immoral Productions; Sea J Raw, a rare breed of a woman who truly spreads her love; Sara Jay, a man-pleaser if there ever was one; Charisma Cappelli, whose Kentucky farm roots and love of all creatures shine through; and 18-year-old Jessie Andrews, who bonded with Heather Starlet and became her new best friend after serving as a fluffer with her.

Heather Starlet said, “After I spent time with Jessie Andrews being a fluffer, I really feel like she is my long-lost sister. The bond we developed from being fluffers will last a lifetime.”

Immoral Productions is a joint venture between Hall of Fame director Jim Powers and producer Dan Leal. For U.S. and Canadian sales, contact Pure Play Media at sales@pureplaymedia.com.