LOS ANGELES—Snakeoil Media Productions will host the world premiere of Rubber Bordello on Friday at Dungeon Corp., with cast and crew on hand for the screening.

Nikki Nefarious, Sparky Sinclair, Rubber Necro, Deviant Kade, Master Feenix, soundtrack composer Fat Mike and director Soma Snakeoil are expected to attend the event, which kicks off with arrivals at 9 p.m. and the screening at 10 p.m.

Based in the early 1900s, Rubber Bordello offers a peek into a day in the life of a fetishistic cat house in a fictional area in New Orleans. It is a fun, quirky, unique erotic film that combines old world charm with sleek modern fetish play.

Rubber Bordello stars Soma Snakeoil, Nikki Nefarious, Sparky Sinclaire, Rubber Necro, Deviant Kade and Master Feenix. It also features an original ragtime soundtrack from Fat Mike of NOFX.

Written and directed by Soma Snakeoil, Rubber Bordello is a sepia toned, fetish film in the classic style of old Hollywood silent movies. It seamlessly blends the glamor and humor of a bygone era with rubber clad, tattooed actors indulging in hardcore BDSM play and fetishized sex. Featuring talented fetish performers displaying the dramatic acting style of silent film to a shoe tickling soundtrack by Fat Mike, Rubber Bordello is refreshingly different from any other adult movie.

The premiere will celebrate an early 1900s sensibility. Rubber, fetish or period attire is encouraged to match the evening's theme. Guests are invited to bring their toy bags and a playmate to enjoy at the party after the screening. Please note this is an 18 and over event that will be strictly enforced.

Before the film, light refreshments, beer and wine will be served by barely clad vixens. In honor of the early 1900's ban of absinthe in the United States, Sir Nik will be hosting a traditional style absinthe bar.

Additionally, we will have a sexy lube station to keep your second skin shiny all night long.

Parking is available in the parking lot in front of the building and the surrounding streets.

To RSVP, email TheLadySheeva@gmail.com.