PHILADELPHIA, PA—Naturally big-breasted beauty Siri has won Female Performer of the Year honors for this year’s TLA RAW Awards. Nominations were selected by the TLA staff, made up of adult product retailers, and the busty Nordic beauty encouraged her fans, her “Legion of Sirians,” to cast their vote.

“I want to sincerely thank my 'Legion of Sirians' for taking the time to vote for me,” said Siri. “Without such loyal fans, my career would not be on its stellar trajectory. I’m grateful to the team at TLA RAW for giving fans the opportunity to have autonomous say in this award.”

“Goddamnit, Siri's fucking gorgeous,” said a spokesperson for TLA RAW in its announcement of the red-haired beauty’s win. “That's been the TLA stance since we first laid eyes on her in last year's Big Girls Are Sexy.”

“It makes us feel vindicated to see the fans feel the same way, as they gave Siri over 500 votes more than they gave any of the other nominees," the spokesperson continued. "This was one hell of a victory for porn's buxomest babe, and she ought to be god damn fuckin' proud. She also ought to tweet a bunch of boob photos to us if she felt like it. You know, 'cause her tits are amaaaaazing.”

Siri is currently featured on the cover of Lethal Hardcore’s Big Boobie Heaven. Produced by Stoney Curtis and directed by Mike Hunt, the film is a three-and-a-half-hour showcase of the prettiest huge-racked harlots to grace the screen. Of Siri, the film states, “Siri is a buxom gal from the Midwest, with real corn fed H-cup knockers and a great caboose, who just can’t get enough cock!”

To see Siri on the cover of Big Boobie Heaven, and to access the film instantly, click here.

Recipient of Miss FreeOne’s Best Newcomer 2012 and nominated for Best New Starlet at the 2013 AVN Awards, Siri is also a 2013 Top Writer for informational media site Quora, where she answers questions from the public and offers advice on sex, love, and the adult entertainment industry. Quora’s other Top Writers include mainstreams luminaries including the CEO of Reddit, Ivy League professors, and more.

Siri recently launched Live With Siri on Vivid Radio, a live, weekly show offering listeners a sexy and fun look at the adult industry from her point of view. Live With Siri airs live every Wednesday, at 1 p.m. PST / 4 p.m. EST, on Vivid Radio, Sirius/XM channel 102. Callers may phone into the live show at 1-855-99-VIVID to ask questions of Siri and her guests, and participate in the show. For more information on Vivid Radio’s show lineup, click here.

Fans can also see Siri on her official website, read her blog, and follow her on Facebook, and Instagram.