LOS ANGELES—A sizeable contingent from the Sinister X Syndicate is heading to San Diego Comic-Con this week to meet and greet fans.

The ladies of Sinister X will be signing at booths #5611 and #5612, with an all-star lineup of adult stars. The Syndicate starts off the festivities Wednesday night, with appearances and signings continuing all convention.

Adult stars scheduled to sign include Lizzy Borden, Tera Patrick, Alexis Ford, Katie Summers, Sioux Sinner, Lacie James, Nikki Charm, Alana Evans and Missy Martinez. A complete listing and schedule of who will be appearing each day is listed below.

“This is Comic-Con.  It’s mainstream," Sinister X said. "We’re going there, full get up, costumes blazing, putting ourselves out there and saying, hey, if you love these characters, and you love porno—and who doesn’t—then you’ll love us. Sinister X Syndicate, from this point on is the leading force in fantasy features and we’re using Comic-Con to let the world know. We make these movies how they are meant to be made—for the fans. Hot chicks. High quality. Beautiful movies with a little extra effort thrown in. Our talent and crew go the extra mile for us, and it shows in the product. This convention is for the fans, as we put together out greatest roster of talent we have ever presented, signing pics and posters, all for you. Say the right thing, and we’ll probably give you a free membership to the Extreme Entertainment Network. Learn what the right thing is through our Twitter.”

Sinister X plans to use his social network of Twitter, Facebook and the talent’s Twitter and Facebook to offer special promotions and free offers, including DVDs, posters and free memberships to the Extreme Entertainment Network.

Sinister X Syndicate will be doing a special meet and greet and autograph signing at the Barnett Avenue Adult Superstore on Wednesday, July 13, from 8-10 p.m. Talent scheduled to sign include Lizzy Borden, Katie Summers, Lacie James, Amber Rayne, Sioux Sinner, Tara Lynn Foxx and Tom Byron.

“I got to tell you, it used to be just CES/AVN where people would gather in a convention atmosphere and now we’re going to Comic-Con, man, this is fantastic," company head of sales Dave Peskin said. "And what a pleasure it is to be able to work with Barnett Avenue Adult Superstore for such a great event.”

Girls will once again be tweeting secret code words while at the signings, offering some special freebies to those who deliver the secret message in person.

With all the excitement and hard work preparing for this event, Peskin gets a little emotional about how far things have come, in such a short period of time.

“I haven’t felt this much anticipation, excitement, hype and hoopla since my days at Vivid," he said. "The talent we have amassed, the partnerships we have arranged, and are arranging or negotiating, the quality of product we’re putting out, the Extreme Entertainment Network, I mean come on, right? You got to be kidding me, we really got it going on. I’m working with such a great team, and the girls are goddesses, and Birds of Prey XXX is dropping and Comic-Con is going to be incredible and it really doesn’t get any better than this.”

In regards to the actual Comic-Con convention, talent will be signing at various times Wednesday through Sunday, at booth #5611 and #5612. Times and appearances are subject to change.

Wednesday, July 11
Lizzy Borden, Alexis Ford, Katie Summers, Sioux Sinner, Lacie James, Tom Byron, Alana Evans, Nikki Charm, Missy Martinez

Thursday, July 12
Lizzy Borden, Alexis Ford, Katie Summers, Tara Lynn Foxx, Sioux Sinner, Tom Byron, Nikki Charm

Friday, July 13
Lizzy Borden, Tera Patrick, Katie Summers, Tara Lynn Foxx, Sioux Sinner, Tom Byron, Nikki Charm, Lacie James

Saturday, July 14
Lizzy Borden, Tera Patrick, Katie Summers, Sioux Sinner, Tom Byron, Nikki Charm, Evan Stone

Talent will also be signing and appearing on Sunday.