LOS ANGELES, CA — Rob Black is no stranger to controversy and it seems that his new character incarnation, Sinister X, is cut from the same cloth, since Sinister X Syndicate has announced that Green Lantern in the studio's upcoming Justice League 3DX porn parody will be gay. Not only that, he will be played by award-winning gay performer Adam Killian.

DC Comics recently outed the super hero Green Lantern’s real life alter ego Alan Scott as a homosexual and Sinister X feels now is the perfect time to take advantage of the situation.

“This will be the first time that a movie of this consequence will have a gay character in it, and it’s going to make people talk. The movie itself is a straight movie and it will have six boy/girl scenes and then one full-on gay scene at the end. When it came time for casting, I had to go with the hottest guy in gay porn and that’s Adam Killian.”

Killian’s Green Lantern will perform in a scene with Nightwing, a character similar to an adult version of Batman’s sidekick Robin, but who hasn’t been outed in the comics. The decision to include a gay scene and gay character is something Sinister X didn’t need to think very long about.

“When DC outed him, I had to do the same. It was inevitable. Look, fans of my movies who aren’t into the gay shit aren’t going to be offended, and they don’t have to worry about seeing anything they don’t want to see. This movie, Justice League 3DX, is going to be huge and Adam Killian will be one of the reasons for that.”

“I got to tell you, the buzz for this movie is already huge with Bleeding Cool jumping on board, as well as other mainstream press and for the first time for us, gay press too, so with each day and week that passes by, the buzz and news gets bigger,” says Sinister X Syndicate head of sales Dave Peskin. “Adam Killian is a huge star, and what can i say, I hear he has a great cock.”

Joining Killian on the Justice League 3DX project will be Lacie James, Tara Lynn Foxx, Katies Summers, Jennifer White, Lizzy BordenAlexis Ford and Tom Byron.

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