CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Sin City Entertainment is releasing a DVD four-pack featuring movies directed by Jim "Mr. Filth" Powers, the AVN Award-winning pervert, punk, and self-proclaimed "Most Immoral Man on the Planet".

The Jim Powers Collection includes such fondly remembered faves as 2 In The Can, L.A. Tits, Outkast, and Cum Swapping Anal Whores.

"It's an amazing and well-thought-out collection of his best material,” said Sin City national sales manager Drew Dixon. "This is a must have for any real fan of porn! It doesn't get much better than this."

Powers was allegedly overcome with gratitude.

"I feel honored that they even thought of me," he supposedly said. "You go to work every day hiring the dirtiest, craziest little whores you can find to take twenty inches of cock in every hole and you never think about being recognized. It's an amazing feeling to know that the one thing I love doing more than anything else in the world is appreciated."

Powers "chocked [sic] back tears, claiming he'd bit into a pepper despite not having been eating at the time of the quote," according to Sin City PR pimp Devan Cypher.

"They picked some of my favorite movies, the really good stuff,” Powers continued, regaining his composure. "Thanks to everyone over at Sin City for this awesome moment."

The Jim Powers Collection releases next week. For more info, visit