CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Grease them down and stuff them full of cock! That's always been Bud Lee's motto! And now, with the release of his latest slippery fun Mayhem movie, Greased and Oiled, the whole world will know his secret.

“There is just something about a curvy beauty drenched in oil writhing around on a hard cock that drives me nuts,” opines the avuncular veteran director. “I had a blast making this movie and can't wait for fans to see it!”

Bud assembled the filthiest little fuck queens he could find into the most outrageous slippery sex party ever seen. He strips them down, oils them up and then jams giant throbbing fuck muscles in their tight little pussies, deep down their throats, and straight up their quivering oiled assholes until they scream in pleasure! Then for dessert, these lubricated ladies swallow massive cocks until they're sprayed and glazed in huge loads of steaming hot cum. Enjoy!

“This is really an amazingly fun movie,” says Sin City National Sales Manager Drew Dixon with a carefree laugh. “The girls are amazing, the sex is hot, and everyone is just having the time of their lives. It's a real joy to release another show from Bud.”

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