LOS ANGELES, CA — Paradise Film Entertainment and Vouyer Media are ready to set off some sexxxplosions in palatial European chalets populated by the continent’s hottest, natural-bodied starlets. 

Pert-titted brunette covergirl Valerie takes center stage in the first scene, doing a sexy striptease for her man before throwing down an epic screw. The flames of lust burn just as hot in the next scene as sultry Joanna takes a stud for an extended romp that benefits from both a glamorous setting and stunning natural lighting. Real passion is the order of the day here, and these two go at it with palpable conviction.

Luiza, Marika, Milly and Olivia all bring their A-game to the party as well, and expert camerawork showcases their formidable frames to perfect effect as they’re put through their paces by such reliable studs as Charlie, Simon, Duke and Tommy.