ORANGE, CA—Sexual wellness authority and sex educator Jessica Drake spoke yesterday at Chapman University as a guest lecturer for the Psychology 340: Human Sexuality class, taught by Assistant Professor David Frederick for the Crean School of Health and Life Sciences.  
Drake addressed a class of undergraduates on a variety of topics including sexual health, relationships, feminism, the adult industry, tolerance, boundaries and consent. The appearance, which included Nina Hartley, marked the second time Drake has spoken to Dr. Frederick’s class. A recap of her first visit can be read here.
“It is an honor to have been asked back to speak at Chapman University,” Jessica Drake said. “The opportunity to discuss sexuality in a frank manner with young people facing all sorts of sexual pressures and uncertainties is invaluable. Their questions are thoughtful, often challenging, and always lead to insightful debate. I thank Dr. Frederick for inviting me to speak to his class and look forward to doing so again.”
Dr. Frederick described Drake as “an exceptional speaker,” adding “I would highly recommend her as a speaker for any class related to media issues, gender, or sexuality.” In addition, Drake has garnered much praise for her speaking appearances at colleges and sex-positive events across the country.
“Jessica Drake is a wickedly compelling and articulate sex educator, who is also smart, funny, and compassionate,” said Dr. Constance Penley, Professor of Film and Media Studies and Co-Director of the Carsey-Wolf Center, UC-Santa Barbara, and co-editor of The Feminist Porn Book: The Politics of Producing Pleasure.
“Jessica Drake is a powerful voice for sexual education and empowerment. Using adult entertainment as a tool for social change, Jessica builds from the pioneers of porn sex ed, Nina Hartley, Carol Queen, and Tristan Taormino. Like these trailblazers, Jessica has a vital voice, and she isn’t afraid to use it to help us all embrace our sexualities and fight social stigma and oppression,” said Dr. Mireille Miller-Young, PhD, Associate Professor Feminist Studies Affiliate/Black Studies/Film & Media Studies, UC-Santa Barbara.
To help advance her sex education mission, Drake writes, produces, and directs the video series Jessica Drake's Guide to Wicked Sex, which has received positive reviews from adult industry authorities including AVN and Jessica Drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex: Fellatio received the AVN Award for Best Educational Release in 2012.
Orange Coast College Professor of Human Sexuality and sexologist Dr. Hernando Chaves said, “Jessica’s Guide to Wicked Sex series has proven to be a valuable addition to sex education media and a resource I have used with great success with sex therapy clients seeking to improve their sexual skills, technique, and confidence with partners. In short, Jessica is a valuable asset and important voice in sex education and the sex positive movement.”
For more information about Jessica Drake’s appearances and sex education seminar series, click here.