LOS ANGELES, CA — Severe Society Films has just released its second collaboration with “professional villain,” Tim Woodman.  The Devil’s Workshop: Payback’s a Bitch, starring Woodman, Amber Rayne and Kiki D’aire. This project marks SSF’s return to heavy play featuring dominant males and is Woodman’s second turn directing for the company; he also helmed the 2011 release, Naughty Little Toy

"This was a really fun project for us," said Severe Society Films co-owner/director/editor Dee Severe. "We mostly do Fem-Dom content, but it's nice to have a change of pace and work with someone like Tim Woodman, who has expertise in shooting a male Dom perspective. We envision The Devil's Workshop as a series, all shot in the ‘horror movie room’ of our studio." 

“The moment we walked in to this space, we knew we had to do something special with the back room, which has been virtually untouched in almost 60 years,” explained company co-owner, Jimmy Broadway. “It’s the perfect evil lair. We had been talking to Tim about working together again for a while and this seemed like a great opportunity to do something unique and tailored to his style.” 

 The Devil’s Workshop: Payback’s a Bitch features Woodman in the role of “professional villain” - a revenge specialist for hire.

“Just an evil man, trying to make a dishonest living, in an unfair world," Woodman describes himself. He’s hired by Kiki D’aire (with oral sex as a part of her payment) to exact revenge on Amber Rayne; he abducts Amber and performs his “services,” which include bondage, spanking and whipping. All the while, she begs him to tell her why this is all happening. When she finally finds out, she decides to get some payback of her own. 

"It was a pleasure working with Severe Society Films in the first installment of what promises to be a very successful series,” said D’aire. 

The Devil’s Workshop: Payback’s a Bitch is available on DVD through SSF’s Videos4Sale store and is distributed through BonVue.  It will also soon be available in several VOD outlets.  

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