LOS ANGELES—Vivid Girl Savanna Samson really gets into it when she gives out sex advice in her "Savanna on Sex" column on XCritic.com.

In her latest column she thoughtfully helps out a "modern" couple (each spouse has a lover on the side) that has a vexing problem because she doesn't want to go to an orgy. Samson offers clever solutions to this perplexing situation.

Another XCritic reader, "AB," gets a surprising answer when he asks her about her best sexual experience out of all of them over the years.

Samson then suggests alternative ways a reluctant wife can look at the possibility of having a threesome that would include her husband and another person. She also has a unique solution for the guy whose girlfriend is frustrated because it takes him a long time to orgasm.

Samson certainly qualifies as an expert in her field. The award-winning performer is also an experienced columnist having give sex advice for both Men's Fitness magazine and AdultFriendFinder. She is also the co-author of the best-selling "How to Have a XXX Sex Life" from HarperCollins.

Her latest movie is Blame it on Savanna directed by Paul Thomas. To have Savanna answer a question in her column for you, write to her at savannaonsex@xcritic.com. All identities will be protected and Savanna tries to answer as many questions as possible.