LONDON—Bluebird Films’ London office has been inundated with calls and letters from angry fans after the former coach of one amateur UK football (soccer) team blamed the company for his team’s losing season. Ian Dickham was fired from his job after a dismal showing this year, but says it wasn’t his fault and that Bluebird’s movie Footballers Wives: First Half was the cause of the poor performance.

Dickham claims that after his team watched the movie, where players’ wives are in hot sexual scenarios, they were distracted by concerns over what their own girlfriends and spouses might be up to.

“Hot sex is a decent excuse for a lot of things,” says movie co-star Ben Dover, a man who has plenty of experience in both sex and sports. “But a good coach will get his men to focus on the game no matter what. That’s his job.”

Footballers Wives: First Half exposes the beautiful wives of soccer superstars, pampered pets who are after the good life and a good time. Starring Bluebird exclusive performers Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Michelle Thorne, Paige Ashley and Kaia Kane with Valery Summer, Ashley Louise, Ben Dover and Paul Chaplin, this movie also features Glambirds Tommie Jo, Natasha Marley and Anna Lovato.

Glambirds are glamour girl models and tease queens “gone bad” as adult performers for Bluebird Films. See them all at

Footballers Wives: First Half was shot in HD and includes an interactive DVD menu, scene selection and a slide show. It is available now on DVD; sales and product information is available from VP of Sales Drew Dixon at (818) 780-3866 or 

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