LOS ANGELES, CA — With the rise in fiery political rhetoric during this election season, OGEE Studios feels compelled to remind the American people that the important issues should be penetrated deeply and from both sides.

The company's latest title, Vote for Rush, follows the moral and ethical dilemmas faced by a certain radio personality after his show is off the air.

Now everyone's favorite right-wing blowhard is about to get blown hard as he encounters multiple temptations throughout his day, including Autumn Sky as Sandrah — and other slutty co-eds who aren't afraid to say they take birth control, like Lacey DuValle, Sasha Knox and Maggie Star. The movie also features Kelly Taylor as Oxy, the chalky pixie he's not too shy to pulverize and enjoy.

Dick Nasty inhabits the role of Rush, the cocky talk-show host who knows what's “Right” for everyone. OGEE Studios anticipates that Vote for Rush, “will have viewers and advertisers ‘pulling out’ all across America.”

The video ships across the nation on May 16, 2012. Each DVD features bonus photo galleries, pop shot reels and what the company calls “attractive, ‘jerk-worthy’ trailers.”

"I am extremely proud of this movie," said OGEE Studios head, Mike Kulich. "OGEE is a young company, but in our short time we have proven ourselves time and time again. With the release of Vote For Rush, I am confident that the response to this film will solidify us as an industry leader."