VAN NUYS, CA — DreamZone Entertainment has released the Romeo & Juliet hard trailer as a 48-hour exclusive at  Directed by Lee Roy Myers, this erotic adaptation features Rocco Reed and Chanel Preston as the revered, star-crossed lovers trapped within a web of love, lies and loyalties.  

Their tumultuous, yet sensual plight can be seen in full when Romeo & Juliet releases in time for Valentine’s Day on February 7. Additionally, the key art and safe-for-work trailer for the film are available to view and download at DreamZone’s promotional site.  

Either trailer is recommended for use in conjunction with the Romeo & Juliet display contest where retailers can win $1,000 in merchandise.

“The hard trailer exemplifies how well Romeo & Juliet has perfectly blended the drama of a Shakespearean classic with the eroticism of an adult feature,” stated DreamZone Entertainment’s VP, Adam Hasner. “This preview also gives retailers the chance to remind customers that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. As a couples oriented film, Romeo & Juliet is a wonderful addition to a holiday shopper’s basket of romantic gifts.” 

Set in present time, the story commences with Romeo (Reed) heart-broken over the loss of his former girlfriend Rosalyn (Andy San Dimas). Through the consolation of his loyal friend Benvolio, Romeo discovers comfort in the arms of the equally woeful Juliet (Chanel Preston). Despite the unending feud which rages between their families, the two lovers forbid the ensuing turmoil to obstruct their union. When the strife spirals out of control, Romeo and Juliet are left with dire consequences and life-altering decisions to make. Following the impassioned duo through this chaos are India Summer (Lady Capulet), Anthony Rosano (Tybalt), Ann Marie Rios (Polly), Brian Street Team (Benvolio) and AVN Hall of Famer, Tom Byron (Capulet patriarch).

Watch the NSFW hard trailer for Romeo & Juliet on

View/download key art and the SFW trailer for Romeo & Juliet.