VENICE, Calif. — Rising Star PR is pleased to announce the addition of Hunter Bryce to its roster.

The Pittsburgh native hails from a hard-working town, comes from a hard-working family and brings that ethic to her work in the adult industry. While she worked as a stripper to help pay her way through college, it wasn't until Hunter turned 27 that she got in front of the camera.

"I know girls traditionally come into the business earlier than I have," she says, "but I'm glad I came in when I did. Now I'm comfortable with my body and know what I want. I don't think at 20 I could have handled it, but now I'm ready!"

The confessed book junkie boasts degrees in literature and creative writing, but as she worked on her master's degree in hopes of become a college professor, Hunter's interest in sex finally overwhelmed her.

"The cost was ridiculous," Hunter says. "Porn was something I always wanted to do and finally I just did it."

Standing five feet and eight inches tall and sporting full D-cups, Hunter dabbled in mainstream modeling before trying out porn. Her performances have knocked out fans and producers alike, and for those who stand too close, they could be in for a good soaking, too: Hunter is a true squirter.

"It started by accident and as time went on it started happening more," she says. "The more time went on, the more I learned how to control it, even though sometimes I still can't stop it!"

It's a talent that has given her the ability to exploit another niche within the adult market, and the brunette beauty appears on several covers, including Cheating Wives Tales 10, MILF Lessons 18 and My Girlfriend Squirts 10. Being an absolute freak about working out, she's had no problem keeping up with her fellow newbies and scoring jobs with Wicked, New Sensations, Penthouse, Bang Bros and many others.

"I come from a place where you work hard or other people take your place," she says. "I just want to work and I work hard."

Hunter is represented by Type 9 Models. She can be found online at