LOS ANGELES, LA — The controversy about Erica Mclean's newest release, Riding The Flying Pink Pig, from LFP/Hustler Video and Cheeky Monkey, continues.

Recently, some of the female cast members of Riding The Flying Pink Pig, Sasha Heart and Tessa Taylor, were shopping in the San Fernando Valley and spotted a food  truck very similar to the very same food truck they had shot in for their movie, so they decided to stop and get a bite to eat. 

Right after they ordered, the owner for the food truck told the girls to get away from his truck, saying that he he recognized them from the movie and didn't want "those kind of people” around his truck disrupting his customers.

"We were very surprised and hurt," said Heart. "I mean, it wasn't like we were going to take off our clothes and start making a scene; all we wanted to do was order some food."

"It was pretty lame," said Taylor. "But he must have watched the movie several times to recognize us. We were naked in that and we went up to the truck with our clothes on. Some people can be so uptight, but he must be a fan, ‘cuz he was watching the movie enough to recognize us."

The girls were embarrassed by the remarks of the food truck owner and tried to reason with him, but he would not listen to them. Instead, he threatened to call the police if the girls didn't leave -- but before the girls left, they decided they would teach the guy a lesson. They quickly pulled down their pants and mooned the food truck owner in front of a now growing crowd of onlookers, ultimately rousing the crowd to start applauding and cheering before they triumphantly departed .

“I was upset to hear that this happened to my girls," said McLean. "They are great women, but their scene with Cytherea was so hot; maybe the guy just thought they were going to start making out in front of his truck."

The new release includes an original song written specifically for the movie by McClean’s friend and music icon, Snoop Dogg. Also included, are music tracks from Mack 10, and YG $oprano, as well as a hot music video featuring some of the hottest ladies in the adult industry.

The new chapter in the food truck caper is even more colorful and filled with more sex scenes featuring co-stars Sunny Lane, Sasha Heart, Andi San Dimas, Nicki Hunter, Cytherea, Tessa Taylor, Billy Glide, Liz Taylor, Victoria Larsen, Marco Banderas, Seth Gamble, Danny Mountain, Mr. Marcus -- and Ron Jeremy, reprising his role as the villainous rival.

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