MONTREAL—Director John Stagliano’s graphically kinky vampire serial returns to life today in a brand new chapter. “Reborn,” the ninth webisode of “Voracious Season Two,” is available for advance viewing exclusively to subscribers of, announced Stagliano’s Evil Angel studio and Gamma Entertainment affiliate program FameDollars. 

The new episode extends the series' sophisticated erotica by plunging its starlets into a soaking session of dominance and breath control. As Stagliano describes it, “Chastity Lynn is bad. She must be baptized, repeatedly, held under the holy water of salvation until the last possible instant. Mother Superior Rain DeGrey does her job, mercilessly, thrusting the crucified image of our savior down Chastity’s throat and deep in her ass. Surely Chastity would never want to become a vampire with the risk of this perverse purification at hand. Roxy Raye’s talented ass presents the crucifix in a most unexpected way; Ashley Fires and Jessie Volt secretly delight in their roles as humiliators of Chastity.”

Stagliano, who said his performers were instrumental in realizing his story and vision, adds, “We created the experience of Chastity being roughly abused by a skilled dominant, Rain, with the help of perverse partners Roxy, Ashley and Jessie. Sexual abuse in this stylized way is an incredible tool in telling a story. The power of this sexual intensity and the emotions brought out by this treatment are my life’s mission to capture.

“This cast is certainly the most sexually talented I have ever worked with," he concludes.

Shot in California and Eastern Europe, “Voracious Season Two” updates the kinky sex, clever vampire lore and crafty filmmaking established in the popular, award-winning first season. Devotees of Stagliano’s fetish-laden and sexually intense moviemaking can get their next fix now at

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