RESEDA, Calif.—Rebel Studios and David Lord have wrapped their latest release, Hair Pies, and are getting ready to release it, in all its furry goodness, upon fans worldwide in just a few short weeks.

The third release from the Adam & Eve imprint focuses on hirsute honey pots showing off their homegrown beavers before getting the fucking of their sweet young lives.

When it comes to playing with cock and balls, the stars of Hair Pies don't play around. Mandy Sweet, Lynn Pleasant, Trisha Rey, Laurie Vargas, and Katie Angel belong in the bush leagues—make that the all-star bush leagues.

“I'm really into dating older guys,” says Mandy Sweet. “My last boyfriend flat out begged me to grow a big fluffy bush that he could bury his face in when he was going down on me. Ever since then I've noticed guys go crazy for my furry beaver. I kinda fell in love with it.”

Lynn Pleasant had a similar experience prior to shooting the flick. “I grew it out on a whim for the shoot,” she explains. “At first I was embarrassed that I couldn't wear my favorite bikini. Then I noticed all the attention I was getting from older guys. This hot guy who works at the garage told me he's sick of young girls with no fur down there. We've been hooking up a lot since I grew out my pussy beard. No way I'm shaving it off now!”

Sexy redhead Trisha Rey put it best. “I hated it at first,” she confesses. “But then it kinda grew on me ... no pun intended.”

Director David Lord says it's what fans have been begging him for. “I get a lot of feedback from my fans online,” David offers. “When I get request after request for hot girls with wookie snatch, I can't ignore that. To all the guys who've been dreaming about some ’70s-style hair pie, this one's for you!”

Hair Pies is set to ship out on June 6. For more information, visit For domestic sales, contact Gigi Appleton at (818) 426-3901 or For foreign sales and licensing, contact Jim Crawford at or (818) 882-1651, ext 226. For more information on David Lord and Rebel Studios please visit the studio’s website or its Myspace page.