CYBERSPACE — Old age and treachery may ultimately win out against youth and skill, but the six teen squirt queens in Squirtmania 18 are more than able to stand up to the competition.

Immoral Productions’ CEO Dan Leal said, “I may not be on expert on many things. In fact, if you gave me a hammer and nails and told me to build something I would give them right back. But I am without a doubt pretty damn adept when it comes to girls squirting. There is nothing I love more than when I get a girl to squirt on me; I think that is why we have the AVN award for Best Squirting Series this year. Without a doubt, the six teens in this movie blew me away with their squirting skills. They truly are teenage squirt queens.”                        

Squirtamania 18 continues in the tradition of the 2011 AVN Award Winning Best Squirting Series as it features the six teens in this appropriately named, Teenage Squirt Queens

Cover girl 18-year-old Stevie Shae squirts like crazy while she is fucked. 19-year-old Missy Mathers learns to love anal sex and gushes out sweet cum while getting her asshole pounded. 19-year-olds Erin Stone and Veronica Rodriguez team up and take turns squirting all over each other and Porno Dan. And in the finale, 19-year-old Mae Meyers has her best friend, 18-year-old Ashley, jump in her scene for an impromptu four-way squirt fest with Ralph Long and Dan. 

Meyers said, “This was the most fun I have ever had on a porno set. I can’t believe I got my best friend from high school to jump in the scene with me!” 

As with the entire Immoral Productions catalog, this title is distributed by Pure Play Media. The sales manager of Pure Play Media, Bill Rix, said, “I am surprised it has taken Dan this long to do a teenage edition of Squirtamania. I’m sure it won’t be the last.”